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Small studio, big ideas

Born in 99, in a rapidly advancing world, I grew up with the idea of good design is to be mass produced, reusable, and convenient, while also going along with the occuring trend. A whole generation, addicted to social media, what would that mean for design and it's future designers and artists?

I think I'm one of the afthermaths of how we grew up, being exposed to a lot of different interests, feeling a passion for multiple things and the drive to have multifaceted work. I'm to a degree invested in the current trends, but I like to focus more on the future, it's possibilities and to swim against the current, as you will always stand out in this way, even if you don't want to.

I'm looking for unique partnerships, that are intrigued by my fractured interests and process, as it will invite creativity and playfulness to the table, which makes result for something unique and meaningful.

I primarily work with oilpaints and graffiti, but I've also studied graphic design.

"What is lost in life we find in art"

-Claude Monet

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"She created exactly what we asked for and we love the results! Our home has been transformed."

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